Nike The Chosen final report

Nike the Chosen: Day 1 -Bmx Session.

Rome July 14, 2011 –  Despite the 35 degrees temperature many riders came and none stopped ’em to ride hard the special features also with heating cement of the area; L-Ektrica dj set raised the already hell temperature of the playground.

And while riders challenged in the 60 meters park, more than 1000 visitors were busy to check the three workshop of the day: Print it!, Make it! and Film it! made with the help of Deejay TV, Snob Production and Nero.

Finally the 10 best BMX riders earned the wild card to ride the park in the late evening session along with the Nike 6.0 team: Daniel Tunte, Kriss Kyle, Nil Soler, Stefan Lantschner and Simone Barraco.

At the sunset, the nike geoid was really awesome.

Winners of the Nike 6.0 Bmx Session:

Gianni Ciccarello
Mark Hansen
Thomas Difeo
Mattia Tenuzzo
Davide Altobelli
Mirko Andreani
Matteo Martinelli
Alessandro Froio
Ial Holzl 16 anni
Gianluca Marrone

Nike the Chosen: Day 2 -Skateboard Session.

Rome july 15, 2011 – short but way more intense Jam sessions left 60 sweating skaters and all the crowd speechless. The Zenith has been touched during The Chosen Jam Session with the partecipation of Omar Salazar and Theotis Beasley.

The skatepark was crowded of skater came from every place in Italy, all here to ride The Chosen skatepark , realized with the precious help of Luca Basilico. But only 16 of them passed the quali and entered the finals, where they would find and hard pack to beat, the Nike SB Italy team: Jacopo Carozzi, Marco Lambertucci, Luca Doneddu and Mauro Caruso.

As the sun went down, the Nike SB Italian, guests Omar Salazar, Theotis Beasley and Nike SB Europe Simo Makela, Fernando Bramsmark, Tim Zom and Maxime Geronzi fired up the playground with an awesome demo, followed by the gigs from Thori e Rocce, Don Joe and Shablo featuring Club Dogo, Noyz Narcos, Co’ Sang, Tormento, Caprice, Caneda, Emiliano Pepe and Sick Luke as closing act, that made the 3000 people came at Foro Italico go nuts.

Nike The Chosen Skate Contest quali result:

Fabio Montagner
 Fabio Colombo
Nikolai Danov
Federico Borchi
Roberto Stamerra
Filippo Baronello
Elmehdi Contaki
Marco Balestreri
Alex Cageggi
Luca Collu
Guido Stazi
Michele Salini
Andrea Cimadamore
Carlo Cassan
Alessandro Cesario
Ivan Inglese

Nike the Chosen: Day 3 -Skateboard Finals.

Roma july 16, 2011 – The last day. The Skatepark transformed from park to concert hall and skatepark again so many times, with so much ease. The finals of the skate contest saw Luca Crestani triumph, followed rispectively by Nikolai Danov, Mauro Caruso and Fabio Colombo.

And last but not least the Jam Session with the first six riders, the Nike Sb Italian Team, Nike SB European Team and the two guests from Nike Sb International team Omar Salazar and Theotis Beasley.

Nike The Chosen Skate Contest finals result:

Nikolai Danov
Mauro Caruso
Fabio Colombo
Fabio Montagner
Michele Salini
Alessandro Cesario

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