Nine Knights 2012 highlights

The wait is finally over and it was well worth it. As of right now, the sensational highlight clip of the SUZUKI NINE KNIGHTS presented by G-SHOCK is here.

For the second time, some of the best freeriders in the world accepted the invitation of host Andi Wittmann to come to the Wildkogelarena Neukirchen Bramberg for some freeriding on the highest level. Several film crews followed the action and the result of their work is breathtaking.


But not just the filmers delivered some exceptional pictures. Four renown sports photographers took their best shots and competed just like the riders to see who would come out on top. A selection of their pictures was judged by the most critical jury composed mostly of the photographers themselves in six categories. Here are the results:

– Best Action Shot Big Air: Stef Cande (FRA)
– Best Action Shot Trail: Daniel Rönnbäck (SWE)
– Best Black&White: Carlos Blanchard (ESP)
– Best Creative Angle: Daniel Rönnbäck (SWE)
– Best Lifestyle: Markus Greber (Ger)
– Best “Wildkogel” Shot: Stef Cande (FRA)

The winning shots are definitely worth a look, you can browse through them exclusively on:

As opposed to comparable contests, the riders had almost a full week to show their skills at the Suzuki Nine Knights presented by G-Shock. In that time they were observed by the judges to pick the winners in several categories at the end of the week. Two riders deserve a special mention, the newcomers Xavier Pasamonte (ESP) and Anthon Thelander (SWE). Shervy’s extremely extended Superman stands the comparison to his fellow countryman’s Lacondeguy and won him the “Trick of the week”. But even he couldn’t touch the overall performance Anthon Thelander showed throughout the week. That the jury awarded him the title “Rider of the week” didn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Check out the complete results:
– Ruler of the week: Anthon Thelander (SWE)
– Trick of the week: Shervy Pasamonte (SPA) INSANE SUPERMAN
– Best Trick on contest day: Yannick Granieri (FRA), BIG FLIP DOUBLEWHIP
– Best Line on contest day: Martin Söderström (SWE)
– Highest Hip Air: Andi Wittmann (GER) / Kurt Sorge (CAN)
– Best Whip: Louis Reboul (FRA)

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