Nissan Mystic Xperience 2011 Monterosa

More than 16 countries were represented showing to the Italian public a sport expanding thanks to the Freeride World Qualifier project, of which is the ambassador.

Snowboarders were the first on course and Manuela Mandl (AUT) stepped up from the quali ride to a solid line. The increased challenge looks like having stimulated her to impress the jury that recognized the first spot.

Podium completed by Nathalie Zenklusen (SUI) and Sanne Koemann (NL).
A great performance from the skier Anne May Slinning (NOR), that completely twisted the results from the first day of the event. A fast and controlled line was prized with the victory. No one else was able to show such a control and creativity.
Second place for Nadine Wallner (AUT) falling from the hot spot of yesterday. Third was Jennifer Taylor from Argentina.

Mike Aeschbach (SUI), 6th in the Qualification Run could not get to the Finals due to a light injury to the knee. Jérôme Frey (SUI) took his place optimizing his run to gain the second spot on the podium.
Better than him only the French Ludovic Guillot-Diat with a total of 31,2 points, winning the snowboard men category of the event. Third place for Tobias- Rafael Schefranek (GER) with a tight 0,1 points from Jérôme.

Ski men followed and literally blew the mind of the spectators with a level usually seen only at professional venues.
It’s difficult to witness such an high points score from a freeride jury.
Richard Amacker (SUI)’s run should get a visible spot in the “hall of fame” of Freeride.
Starting with a perfectly stomped massive frontflip, followed by a huge cliff of 25 mt he completed his run with speed and further cliffs to secure the crown of the winner. He confessed later that it has been the best run of his life.

No one of the following 12 riders could do better. Joonas Karhumaa (FIN) get for the second time on the second spot of the NissanMysticXperience podium. Fantastic the 360° on the starting cliff, considering that he is a telemarker!

Third the swiss Renaud Langel.

Judges had to review deeply the following positions to set an objective results into the ranking. 7 riders are concentrated in only 1,5 points. Among them the italian Raffaele Cusini loose the prize giving only for 0,1 points scoring 6th.