Nissan skipass become 2.0

Nissan Skipass become 2.0 with a new social media campaign on Facebook: design your badge, enter the contest and win.

2011 marks the 18th year of Nissan Skipass, the biggest fair in Italy about winter sports and tourism.

The gravity center of the event will be Facebook, where MyBadge application will let you to distinguish with your own motto, while waiting for the launch of Till The Top contest, which whom tons of prizes will be awarded both from participanting and voting people . The applications are fully integrated to work with major social networks (Twitter e Youtube).

Nissan Skipass relaunch its presence on the web 2.0 with a Blogger Day, involving all the most famous digital heroes in the country.

This strategy aim to involve all kind of mountain aficionados in all the possible ways. Luigi Belluzzi, Lobo Agency head Honcho and Skipass main director said “Our focus is to reach the maximum number of mountain passionates, to make them interact with industry and this fair is the perfect way to do it, as well as the web is the most dynamic platform for spreading information and capture new threads and trends”.

Davide Maggi, Hibo founder: “The major struggle we’re gonna concentrating on at skipass is the brand awareness, fundamental lever for a B2C event. Hibo, in partnership with Best Union, is the key player of events digital media and we’re happy to play this game.”