No pass, no dance floor

Nissan Qashqai Challenge, Milan – April 26, 2008.

Everything let it seem a beautiful and sunny spring day, we were attending to a competition where famous riders from all over the world challenged each others with impossibile tricks, this year the event was supposed to be in a park, and not in front of the central station. Looking at the trails we couldn’t understand why there were 4 “mid” doubles instead of 3 giant, but maybe surprises had to come during the day. Instead, in the end, we couldn’t understand why yet, and maybe so the riders did, for the 3rd was useless for everybody all day long. But never mind, we obtained the pass to “enter the pit”, so no problem for the reportage.
Then the dreadful truth: with the pass you couldn’t enter the pit, you couldn’t enter the side lanes within the iron gates, you couldn’t overcome the iron gates with an elbow to better center the photo, for the security moved it behind warning “ please, stay beyond the gates…completely!” ( what?!? Is there Chernobyl and radiation danger?! ), you couldn’t enter the opposite side of the “park”, for it was a restricted area, and just people with blue bracelets together with their friends without braceletes could come in ( we had those white ), but you could obtained 3 refreshing drinks during the day and sit and relax in the vip area. Fuck the vip area! We remained outside among common people all day long. And we felt more at ease than among the vips. While the speaker steadily repeated “ stay with us! Tonight great party at The Club in Milan!”…first: where’s The Club? Never heard about it, it might be a fake, second: could someone enter the dance floor without blue bracelet? We would have never known. The riders’ level wasnt’ as high as in 2007, but they have smashed all a lot, they were very very young, and this means that dirt is taking off, they were really stylish even if the tricks were those classic ….

We justify them because Milan was the first of the 5 contests to come, and we all know that it can just go better and better. In the end, the 5 who got the final were:

Trond Hansen
Misha Breitenstein
Sam Pilgrim
Darren Pokoj
Kurtis Sorge

A special mention goes to Marius Hoppensack, maybe the youngest, but surely a rider with great possibilities of growing up in the right way … we kindly remember him with his head capped in the t-shirt and his neck surrounded by cans of icy Redbull…. the 3 free drinks we should have got with our white passes.
To cheer up from this sadly organized contest, we left in the evening to Bergamo, hoping to finally find home. Sorry not to have anything else to comment.