Nothing But The Truth

All what I can say about Nothing But the truth is summarizable in one word: Huge! Once you push play on your DVD recorder you understand you’re gonna seeing somethind beyond the skateboard video definition. Ok, all the mags and websites that talked about it told the same damn thing, but only ’cause it’s true. I think they get wrong when they call it a skateboard film instead: I don’t think NBTT could be defined a film, except for the cinematography.

It’s a mess of thoughts, crazy ideas, really good skateboarding and b-side splatter films effects…everything put perfectly togheter. The concept should be that each rider is called by the producers to give ideas to film his video part intro: what comes out is people puking, chopping, screaming, yelling and more. Once finished the first view you’re baffled, so you push play again and watch it another time. NBTT it’s like a drug, something scary for the first time but addicting. You got to check it out anyway ’cause it’s like eating radish, you got to try at least one time to tell you don’t like it.