Oakley releases Tanner Hall pro series outerwear

Per the 2010 season Oakley released an exclusive outerwear collection named OAKLEY PRO RIDERS SERIES, born from the collaboration between the super team and the Oakley indoor tech team.

Athletes such as Seth Morrison, Tanner Hall, Eero Ettala, Simon Dumont and Gretchen Bleiler literally reinvented the outerwear concept by giving their inputs and then testing the prototypes for more than 650 hours on Canada and Argentina mountain ranges.
The outcome is a functional and technical collection with an artisan-like dedication to details.

As legend of freesking, Tanner Hall has become now a global wintersports icon. Being one of the few who took back ski on the top, Tanner earned the best freeskier of his generation title.

Winning almost everything such as SuperPipe championship, he need no further introduction. A superstar like him needs only the best and right for this pourpose Oakley realized his signature outfit. Fari jacket and pant in white black and orange colors are a recognition to his character and continuous aim to push the limits. If emulate Tanner Hall skiing is almost impossible, with his outfit you’ll surely make a big style upgrade.