Official FIAT Nine Knights Highlight Edit

Countless filmmakers tracked the jaw dropping action at Livigno last week and the result is more than impressive. The remarkable FIAT Nine Knights Highlight Clip is here:


For the third time many of the world’s best freeriders have followed Andi Wittmann’s invitation to the FIAT Nine Knights to showcase mountain biking at the highest level.

The event location moved to the Mottolino Bikepark in Livigno this year, where it will remain for the next two years. Skilled filmmakers were on the riders’ tails; constantly capturing the athlete’s performance from every angle. Not only the filmmakers, but also the invited professional photographers took many amazing shots during the weeklong session.

The FIAT Nine Knights is not a traditional contest and gives the riders freedom to progress without pressure. Outstanding performances were rewarded during the awards night where the riders judged each other in four different categories after re-watching all the highlights from the week. Szymon Godziek, the Polish machine deservedly took out ruler of the week after landing an incredible array of tricks during the event.

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