Olaf Pignataro: What’s in the bag?

Former Red Bull Illume finalist Olaf Pignataro says he always aims for high quality images with a strong focus on creativity and a fresh photographic view. Red Bull Illume caught up with Olaf to take a look at what gear he uses to get his shots.

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Firstly, what’s the duct tape for?
“Duct tape is lighter than a magic arm to fix a remote camera, and it may also be helpful to quickly fix an athlete’s equipment, a broken car and so on.”

What lessons have you learnt about travelling with photography gear?
“I always bring the essential equipment with me – packed in a backpack small enough to be accepted as a carry-on on any flight. Not just cameras and lenses, but battery charges as well, just in case my hold luggage gets lost or delayed. I also avoid airlines with a strict weight policy for carry-on baggage. Lately, I don’t carry flashes with me that much anymore. They are bulky and heavy, and easy and cheap to rent. Finally, I keep my underwater housing equipment at home in a Peli case. This way, if I need it while traveling, I can ask a friend to pick it up and ship it to me.”


Are those Sony headphones? Tell us about them?
“Headphones are a must for traveling – not only for listening to music or watching a movie when stranded at the airport, but also to close off when seated next to crying baby when flying. The Sony MDR-XB950 is very comfortable and light, with soft ear cups designed for extended use.”

Have you entered Red Bull Illume this year?
“Yes of course! I have a couple of pictures I really like, but I submitted more – you never know which images the jury is going to choose, as judges come from a broad scope, with different backgrounds and taste in photography.”


Olaf’s full gear list:

D4 and D3
Zoom lens from 14 to 200mm
Pocket wizards (but no flashes)
GoPros & batteries + mounts
Air pump and paper tissues
USB car charges
Duct tape
Headphones and book

For more of Olaf Pignataro’s work, head to his website and Instagram.

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