Oliver Mondino Year

Great year for Oliver Mondino! First of all his double victory at Prato Nevoso Stairway to heaven & Toshiba rail night both along with his buddy Max Galfre’, then Grenade as new sponsor. Thing seems couldn’t go better for this rail veteran from Cuneo!Olly pushed the limits of rail riding when all other famous riders were doin’ simple boardslides, he introduces in Italian paper showcases of 270 in and faced killer urban rails that you could see only on US mags in those years.

Then disappeared ’cause he’s never been a rockstar, he’s a real rider with really big nuts!So Behind is proud to share with him a new supporter, we’re talking about Landing Headwear, that chose Olly as his first Italian rider and Behind mag as Italian media supporter!Olly skills perfectly fit in the Landing rooster, made up of young talented and progressive riders.

You could see Oliver in action in the new Random production video What Happened.