Oops he did it again

… he did it again. he stroked twice gold, Get done the whole game. Oh, baby baby.. Yes it’s true! The flyin’ tomato took home the second olympic gold! He did that perfect run he trained for on his private halfpipe all winter long, so it doesn’t come that strange that amazing victory… and you, White Haters, you jealous shitheads, better shut your mouth before spittin’ more rubbish: he deserve it!

In other words our National Champion Manuel Pietropoli didn’t entered the finals because of his emotivity, but his coach Robby Moresi is more than happy ’cause he showed the same to be the one who can make it happen, maybe on the next olympics..who knows? The silver medals goes to Peetu Piironen, aka the Silent Finnish and third one more Yankee, Scotty Lago. Good job guys.