Peter Henke #thisismyplace

Peter Henke loves riding his home spot! His latest video clip demonstrates what he is made of. Pete performs his best tricks and jumps on his home turf near the German river Rhine and flies through the air with his bike. Sit back and enjoy emotional shots, banger tricks and insights into Pete’s home spot


The clip was made in collaboration with filmmaker Daniel Böck and was shot over a few days at Pete’s riding compound. “Here, I have evolved into the athlete I am today. The compound is my second home; this is why the clip is called ‘This is my place’. I can do whatever I want on this dirt and further develop in my sport”, says the gravity pro. “The production of the clip was sensational, because Daniel and I work very well together as a team. We were extremely productive and had a lot of fun.”

Every rider needs to ride regularly on his bike and if you want to learn bigger tricks you need to ride on a spot like Pete’s slopestyle paradise spot. To keep his performance at a high level, Pete trains at home in Ingelheim every day: with diggers and a lot of soil he formed his own, personal dirt jump park. There he can also train the double back flip that he can land as one of only a handful of athletes.

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