Pirates updates june ’10

Pirates are updating us on their latest moves, so read it on!

Winter is over?! Let’s just call it a season, right?

Our last soldiers in the field just got back from their mission in northern Sweden and we officially stopped slaughtering the slush. Check our last on snow.


But for now, it’s time to hide the shred boots and get out the skate stick! If you need a little push to get back on that tale slide mission from last year, you should check out this FlashBack clip of Teo from 2004. He was 14 at that time, confidently controlling his concrete cruiser and making himself a name in Helsinki. Go out and pop!


If you just can’t stop thinking about Snowboarding, get yourself ready for the Camp of Champions in Whistler! There will be a PirateWeek at Camp B july 1 – july 8, together with Burton and Clast. You’ll find Grilo, Sani and Mu riding, sliding, buttering and BBQing at your perfect holiday location. Check the camp’s page and give it a thought. Be ready for the HOOKED teaser coming out later on in the warm winter period, showing you blunts, boners & bangers that should get you hyped on the next loop!