Pirates updates

This winter has been quite a challenge. The mercury level has been jumping up and down in the alps, but fuck it, snowboarding is an outdoor sport.

Therefor the’re constantly trying to adapt to the weather and it’s games. Scandinavia was the lucky region in Europe, so expect a lot of jibbing in our upcoming flick called HOOKED. Even Björn (Swedish Freerider of the year 2009) tryed to expand his horizon by jibbing with Hans in Umea.


Check out their blog here. This crew consisting of Pasha, Basti, Wolle and Howzee managed to shoot various potential in city spots. Pirates posted a video blog on shooting a roof drop from a Chinese restaurant here.

There have been a few injuries so far. Gèrome Matthieu aka CoinCoin was hurt all season and just recently started filming for his first appearance in a PirateMovie. Welcome on board!

A good buddie of Hans is the PirateOfTheWeek: Lil’Eric has been helping out a lot during the days in Scandinavia. Without good locals like him, shooting away from home would be quite a different experience.

Stay tuned for all our spring sessions!