Polar Opposites

The new project from backcountry slaughters Devun Walsh and Ikka Backstrom, let their words inspire you..

Batman and Robin. Hall and Oates. Harry and Lloyd. In the tradition of some of the greatest duo’s in history and fiction, Devun Walsh and Iikka Backstrom have teamed up to bring the public an close and personal look into their lives over the course of a season – from filming in the backcountry to traveling the world. These friends and DC teammates have been shooting together for various projects for a better part of a decade. From movies such as That, Double to Decade, and In Color they’ve been through season after season of ups and downs from injuries, hangovers, weather delays, FT’s, and perfect bluebird days and managed to bring you some damn fine snowboarding along the way.


Their relationship is an interesting one. They are, as the name of their project states, polar opposites. The formula for their friendship is a scientific anomaly, similar to the physics that makes opposites attract. But much like oil and vinegar, two things that have no business on the same plate, they just work. There are some things that just belong together even if it really makes no sense.

Oh we forgot to mention, it’s also a website and a podcast series downloable from vimeo..