Livigno Pro Superenduro cancelled

The Superenduro organization committee is sorry to announce that the PRO Superenduro race in Livigno, scheduled for June 19th to 20th, has to be cancelled.

After several inspections in Livigno during the last days, it has been decided to cancel the race due to snow on some tracks that were chosen for the special requirements of the PRO Superenduro race. While the trails of the Swatch Bikepark Mottolino are completely free of snow and ridable, the chosen other ones, located at the top of the mountain, are still partially covered with snow. The Superenduro organization committee considered other solutions. But due to the condition of the highest trails, the race wouldn’t allow the participants to discover the beautiful and unique landscapes Livigno offers during the summer season. These trails were an elemental part of the race.

Franco Monchiero, Superenduro Race director, points out: “The race we could have organized wouldn’t completely satisfy the expectations of the participants. So we prefer to cancel this tour stop. We are sure Livigno is a great location for a PRO Superenduro race, but we don’t want to organize the first race in Livigno if we are not able to guarantee the participants the best riding experience.

Giorgio Zini, Livigno Touristic Board director: “We feel sorry for having to cancel the race: The Superenduro and its concept perfectly reflects the diversified options that the mountain bike destination Livigno offers: The combination of the Swatch Bikepark Mottolino and the numerous cross country trails guarantee a 360° experience. We are looking forward to a great PRO Superenduro race in Livigno next year. The final date for 2011 will be announced in the near future.

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