Pros and cons of your sudden father’s death

Con: It catches you by surprise, and wakes you up early in the morning, in the only day of the month when you can endlessly sleep
Pro: You are not the one who finds out the body … you were sleeping
Pro: At the news, everybody wants to help you to relieve the pain
Con: At the news, everybody wants to help you to relieve the pain
Pro: Your aunt ( who loves you like her own child )found the body, and takes care of burocracy calling the red cross, the police, the fire brigade, the funeral house, God himself.
Con: Your aunt hates your father’s ex-partner ( not your own mother, divorced from a very longtime ), mother of his second daughter, 13 years-young.
Pro: The only two heirs become the young daughter and you, as your father was not married to anyone, anymore
Con: The younger daughter cannot decide for the inheritance, her mother has to be her legal tutor.
Pro: You get along well with your father’s ex-partner, mother of the 13 years-young girl
Con: Your aunt hates your father’s ex-partner
Con: Your aunt shared your father’s bank accounts
Con: Your father’s ex-partner won’t be happy about that
Pro: Your aunt took care of the funeral burocracy. You aunt hates your father’s ex-partner. Your aunt didn’t include her neither in decisions nor in anything…but you have no fault in all that
Con: Your father’s ex-partner won’t be happy about that
Pro: There’s the very poor inheritance to share, but there’s one, with no debts
Pro: Your aunt is not included in the inheritance
Con: Your aunt would love to have a couple of fornitures from your father’s house, belonging to the grannies.
Con: ( for your aunt ): This is the good occasion for your father’s ex-partner to take revenge…she’ll never get what she wants
Con: ( for your father’s ex.partner ): Sharing the bank accounts with your father, your aunt immediately halves them, to let your father’s ex-pertner breaking bad.
Pro: You don’t give a damn of what comes from the inheritance. Everything is well accepted
Pro: Your father’s ex-partner and your aunt keep a very good opinion of you as person and relative
Con: They refuse to talk to each other
Very Con: You become the lighting rod of both of them
Pro: Your aunt takes the chance to vent her hate for your father’s ex-partner with your mother ( your father’s ex-wife ) too, being her best friend ( not as your father’s ex-partner )
Con: You become your mother’s lighting rod too ( unfortunately you don’t own 3 ears, or you could have listened to all the three in stereo )

Does it seem I missed the point? My father’s death! Yes! It does! Believe me, you’ll have no time to go to the cemetery, when more than 1 parent and a lawyer is included in the mess!
So, forgive your parents and everybody who could leave you goods after death for anything wrong they could have ever made to you, and wish them all the best, prosperity, good health for the rest of their long life, at least until you won’t be the only heir remained in your family … and remember, you have to be sure to be the only one remained!