Pump it Up

You’ve got the constant of a pump track beside the river, given the factor A, a bunch of guys pushed by wind of challenge,  the factor B represented by a chronometer.
If you multiply the number of fastest laps by each of them, where X is the unknown for the total number of laps made, considering that when the say “stop” it’s never the last one, as each of them always starts again by turn.

Subtract C which is the track record made by Edo, the uncontested winner, imply Blake coming from British Columbia within round brakets to be summed up to the fact that the young generations can’t wait to sweep aside those old, contain the two in square brackets.
Multiply for innumerable berms with the wheels getting past their grip limit, and divide for a couple of crashes at 1.000 mph.
Now calculate the final result.

It’s 34″08, from Vancouver.