A pan asiatic point of view. A new magazine dovoted to Asia trough photography.

PUNCTUM is a new photo magazine that will showcase contemporary photography from a Pan-Asiatic point of view.

Each issue aims to present at least fourteen photo essays by Asian photographers that will be accompanied by texts that reflect on the reality expressed by the images.

PUNCTUM will explore and enhance awareness of contemporary Asian photography in all its forms (reportage, artistic and fashion) internationally.

PUNCTUM will develop a platform for critical discussion of contemporary Asian photography. PUNCTUM aspires to act as a link between Asia and the West to follow trends and developments in Asian photography.

Why the name Punctum?
What is Punctum? Punctum is a term coined by the celebrated critic Roland Barthes in his classic essay “Camera Lucida”.
Through this name, the magazine pays tribute to Barthes’ invaluable contributions to photography.

Frank Kalero (Editor) is the founder anddirector of OjodePez magazine(Spain) and founder of the World According To magazine (Berlin).
He co-founded Invaliden1 art gal-lery and he was a resident at Fabri-ca for Benetton (Italy). Licensed inMedia Communication (UPF Bar-celona), he has a degree in docu-mentary photography from the ICP,New York. At present he is direct-ing the Ojodepez Photo Meeting, Barcelona, and is the artistic direc-tor at Getxphoto festival, Bilbaofor the next three years.

Lola Mac Dougall (Executive Editor) is the editor of photo-literary magazines suchas Vislumbres (India-Spain) andas a cultural manager. She is alsothe cultural outputs coordinator of Punctum’s publisher: Limonkraft.

Rajni George (Literary Editor) is Fiction and PoetryEditor at The Caravan (India) anda freelance writer and editor. Previ-ously she was an editor at RandomHouse India, and prior to that aneditor at Hippocrene Books, NewYork and assistant fiction editor atMid-American Review. Her work has been published in The Nation-al, Business Standard, India Today,Hindustan Times, Tehelka, Outlook Traveller, V Magazine, The IndianReview of Books, Mid-AmericanReview, Pleiades and AmericanBook Review.

Inca Roy (Graphic Design) is a designer who directsIncarnations Design (Delhi, India).