Pure is a new free press magazine dedicated to skateboarding.. and nothing else. Astonishing pictures by the best italian skate photographers.

“I hope this won’t be the only intro I write for this magazine. I’m not sure whether to write it as it fuckin’ comes or worry about those who will be reading this. But knowing skaters, I figure the first choice is probably best. The other day I met this 17 year old kid and we had this conversation about attitude. The kid hangs out with first-order potheads, so in a sense he is way ahead. What bewilders me though, is that a lot of kids way older than him still can’t get the picture straight, skateboarding-wise.
Attitude is everything, if you got it right it’s all you can ask for, in skateboarding and in life. It helps you to achieve results with some dignity and pick up women like gentlemen do. Skateboarding is a pleasure, especially when you’re not doing it for a job, and I say job without quotation marks, cause if you will, skateboarding is a job (and what a job it is!). It’s a fucked up mentality lacking good attitude, that which tends to consider skateboarding simply like a toy or a game.
Those who do their own shit for the pure sake of doing it, by necessity, whether money is involved or not, are the sort of people I respect. That’s what skateboarding taught me, so damn, go skate!!”

Editorial from the first issue, by Papik Rossi.

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