Racing bulls

Italians do it better…italians pizza mandolino spaghetti mafia. Italians racing bulls while driving.
‘cause french people, for instance,  could have any flaw in the world for some of us, but at least they drive smart and respect laws and other drivers. For, from Italy to France, along the highway, the priority is staying alive and prevent the car from being smashed by fierce mastodons with their threathening headlights in the overtaking lane.

If you’re so lucky to find the truck in front quietly stucked in the mid lane, trying to pass a coach full of cherry olds enjoying their trip to Porto Rotondo ( who are of course driving in the wrong way, trying to understand how to U-turn), and you mean to pass it (or you will rech the french board in 10 hours instead of 3), well, in case you dared not to go beyond 130 km/h as per law orders, or in case you were so chicken to be afraid of speed radar sensors, DON’T do it unless it was free from racers 5 kms. back and forth, or you could be overwhelmed by the river of curses for disturbing the so linear trip at 190 km/h with a mobile on the left hand, a sigarette in the right one, and untouched brakes. Then, finally, France! The nightmares lived ‘till then suddenly disappear, no one going beyond 120 km/h, pushing  to 130 km/h is an extraordinary event, YOU CAN HAVE THE TIME TO OVERTAKE 3 CARS AT A TIME! Noone tooting the clacson, trucks staying on the right lane! Eveyone perfectly parking within the white or blue lines (except exceptional italians leaving their car perpendicular to 2 or 3 parking places).
But, as the most delicious dreams, they come to an end to wake up again, as the moment to come back to Italy. And at the border, just after taking the highway ticket and entering, the first car cutting in, and blowing in the flow of racing bulls once again for the following hours, if unlucky during the night, after spending a hard day working under an indifferent and cruel sun, with reactivity equal 0.
But these are our heroes, the fighters going to save the world, running fast to protect the weakest from injustices all over Italy, for this can be the only reason why THEY CANNOT STOP.
So go, our heroes, go, God welcome you in His reign of Saints, sooner or later ( who hopes it will be sooner, please rise your hand ).