Red Bull Art of Motion leaps into London

The National Theatre, on the South Bank, might be best known for dazzling performances on the stage but on March 20th , visitors to the famous venue were treated to a dramatic outdoor spectacle that topped everything with the spectacularwith freerunning event, Red Bull Art of Motion.

Red Bull Art of Motion was a one-off event that will saw 24 of the world’s best free-runners leap and flip their way across the multi-leveled building as they went head-to-head in the first competition of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Free-running is a form of urban acrobatics, in which athletes perform tricks using the obstacles in the environment around them. Incorporating elements of parkour, the free-runners will pull off gymnastic moves as they navigate their way across a designated course, which will offer them plenty of opportunity to attempt heart-stopping stunts.

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