Red Bull Berm Burners

At the Dominion Riverrock Festival in downtown Richmond, BMX rider Victor Behm edged out 29 other professional cyclists from across the country to become the first-ever Red Bull Berm Burners Champion. The race puts professional cyclists from all disciplines on a compact dirt track, built to test riders’ core abilities and technical skills.


First competing in a five-lap heat qualifying round, sixteen riders advanced to the finals in a bracketed head-to-head single-elimination format. In the final round, Behm edged out mountain cyclist and national champion Josh Patton whose bobble out of the final turn cut into his overall speed landing him in second place. Mountain biker Will O’Brien finished third to round out the podium.


“It’s all about the technical skills you learn when you first start riding, your turn style, and using the pump to your advantage,” said Behm on the riding principles that helped him take home the crown. “You have to be sure to bring all your skills for a track this technical.”

Though BMX riders found a speed advantage on the course, mountain riders said they discovered an advantage in stability on the dirt. “The competition was tight, and it was surprising to see that two mountain bikers finishing in the top three,” said Patton. “It was great that the two wheel community came out on the track to compete against one another, which is something you almost never get to see.”

BMX racing, track cycling, and motocross were all influential in the design of the cutting-edge dirt course. The race is open to 20’ BMX and 26’ and 29’ mountain bike wheels with both rigid and suspension frames, along with all other bike disciplines. An open amateur race was also held on May 18 for riders 15 and over.

Results: 1. Victor Behm (BMX) 2. Josh Patton (MTB) 3. Will O’Brien (MTB)

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