Red Bull Cliff Diving 2016 stop #1

The world’s best professional cliff divers face their biggest challenge yet when the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series returns on June 4 in Texas, USA, with the ever growing complexity of dives pushing the limits of what is physically possible, while the addition of live TV coverage piles on the psychological pressure.

The platform is up to 28 metres high (92 feet), the drop takes just 3 seconds, and the athletes reach speeds of 85 kilometres (53 miles) per hour as they twist and somersault up to five times before impact.

The only way to hit the water safely from that height is feet first, and even the slightest mistake in timing can mean a bruising experience for the men and women taking part.

The 2016 Cliff Diving World Series Season kicks off at Hell’s Gate at Possum Kingdom Lake in the U.S. state where everything is bigger, Texas. Two towering cliffs, rising dramatically out of the region’s first water supply reservoir, provide the platform for the season’s premiere stop.