Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2014 leaps into Hell’s Gate

After an amazing challenge in Cuba, the World Series travels to the USA Lone Star State, Texas. At Kingdom Possum Lake, two towering cliffs mark the entrance to a small cove. This is Hell’s Gate, a sheer break in the cliffs around the lake, which rises more than 30 metres out of the lake. Given the flatness of the surrounding terrain, the cliffs are a visual feast.


14 world-class high divers, eight brave women and two towering cliffs in the heart of Texas provide the perfect mix for a successful stop on June 7th, 2014.


The surprising victory of Englishman Blake Aldridge in the Caribbean and a defeated reigning champion Artem Silchenko on a seventh place opened the battle for victory in great style. How strong will the grand masters of the sport come back in the Lone Star State?




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