Red Bull District Ride 2011

A legendary course needs a legendary course designer: for the comeback of the Red Bull District Ride, no other than mountain bike freeride legend Aaron Chase planned the course.

The winner of the 2005 Red Bull District Ride is well established in the mountain bike scene. Nobody knows as well as he does how much the level of riding has risen over the last few years and how to go about coaxing the world freeriding elite into showing tricks that have never been done before.

In six districts and about 17 hits, riders will show their sickest tricks on September 10th (live web cast starting at 3pm CET) – you can be sure of that! For detailed info about the individual districts and illustrations of the obstacles, go to:

The course itself is about one kilometre long and the athletes ride through the six districts in about two minutes. On their way from the Kaiserburg to the Nuremberg market square, the riders will pass through every discipline of the mountain bike freeride sport that are represented in the various districts. The riders start off in the Drop District: Like in the past two Red Bull District Rides, a massive drop off the castle wall releases them into a course of insane proportions.

In the following Street District, technical skills will get riders ahead, while in the Box District size matters and big jumps are to be expected. As the name suggests, the Ramp District on the Seebalder Platz is all about large wooden ramps, including a few that will surprise the pros with their unusual design. A Red Bull District Ride without dirt component is practically unthinkable, which is why two dirt jumps await the riders in the Dirt District next to the old city hall inviting them to show their best tricks high above the thousands of spectators.

The absolute highlight will definitely happen in the Best Trick District. On the market square, thousands of spectators will be expecting their stars when they come right out of the city hall window to gather speed in the direction of the square. This last and biggest jump in the Best Trick District will definitely play a large part in deciding who’ll win the Red Bull District Ride 2011!

The most spectacular tricks will be brought to you live in a webcast on presented by Telekom. For a recap on tv, tune in on September 11 from 4pm CET on Servus TV. You can receive Servus TV over Astra satellite. For further info, go to:

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