G-Shock World Cup Skateboarding 2011 at Ostia Lido

The Spot asd e ACS Oasi Verde are proud to announce that on june 30, 2011, the spot skatepark will host the only Italian stop of G-Shock World Cup Skateboarding 2011 – The Spot Paradise.

After the 2010 theme The Spot Inferno, in 2011 it’s time for the mellower and celestial atmosphere of The Spot Paradise.

This year the Italian stop of  G-Shock – World Cup Skateboarding 2011 – The Spot Paradise is proudly part of the only 30 events in 20 country around the world, and the Rome stop is one of 5 selected events (XGames Los Angeles, Maloof Money Cup at Sacramento, Bondi Beach Australia and Rio de Janeiro) to give points for the world chart.

More than this, for the winners there will be a top prize of €25000.

More than 100 skateboarders, male and female from 5 continents, to battle in the three disciples street and bowl at The Spot skatepark at Ostia, and vert at Piazza Stirio, the biggest plaza of the Roman coast.

This year we’re waintin’ for pros like “900 man” Sandro Dias and Mike Vallely, many skater coming from South America such as  Milton Martinez (Argentina, winner in 2008 and 2010), Daniel Vieira (Brasil, winner in 2009) and many European and National pros.

World Cup Skateboarding – The Spot Paradise is fully for free and on july 2 a free concert will take place on the RedBull Tour Bus.

The day after, sunday july 3, the Italian stop of RedBull Manny Mania, the one and only manual tricks contest.

Media partners of the event Cineskatepark.it, Radiorock and Canale10 TV.

Sponsors: Redbull, Gruppo Tione acqua Claudia,Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma, DC Shoes, Le Dune Village and Assobalneari.

Marilab & Altrafisio will guarantee the phphysiotherapic assistance.