Red Bull Storm Chase

Windspeeds at Force 10 (89-102kph), huge waves and the best storm sailors fighting an epic battle with nature – and each other – when the strongest storm of the winter hits the Northern Hemisphere.

The most selective and challenging windsurfing contest in the world is gearing up again to find the winter’s heaviest surfable storm. The unique contest format means eight of the best windsurfers in the world will mobilize on short notice to chase a Force 10 storm, where they will battle it out to see who is truly the best storm windsurfer in the world.


The expert judge’s panel – including Professional Windsurfing Association Head Judge Duncan Coombs – will look for jump height and trick difficulty, the most stylish wave rides, and timing-critical moves as the riders take advantage of over mast-high waves and up to 100kph winds.

Contest window begins January 9, 2017 and runs to March 12, 2017, more on