Reset vs Iuter

One of the first tees by Iuter made like 7 years ago declaimed:”You Better Go Party!“, though nobody could live a very Iuter-style party from a longtime, the daily business possessing their whole lives.

So, for once, more than scrounging free entries and drinks to other’s parties, Iuter’s finally decided to help the Reset! friends for their monthly date to the Magazzini Geberali in Milan.

So, sing the date: Friday 11th December, the nicht when the Magazzini will be turned upside down!

For the few of you unaware yet, Reset! is a collective of djs, producers and artists who gave birth to the namesake party, briefly grabbing an immense success.
Beside the Reset! Djs their guest DatA from the french “Generacion 2010” will set the consolle to flames, just 23 years spent in the world and a burning fame.


Party Hard… and be yourself! Bouncy basslines, bad ass beats and funky attitude! Special guest DatA.
Fri 11 December c/o Magazzini Generali (Milan, Italy).
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