Ripping Mottolino: episode 1 “The LIThomies”

Nick Pescetto, David McMillan & Tyler Brooker spent some days at Mottolino bikepark during the summer 2016… insane riding, great landscapes and crazy lines for the LIThomies.


About Mottolino Bike Park

Amongst the first bike parks in Italy, Mottolino Bikepark was founded in 2005 after the mtb World Championships and in Europe it’s a landmark for dowhillers and freeriders.
It offers 13 trails suiting 3 levels of ability and riding skills, with lenght up to 4.500 mt, running from a 2.400 mt altitude down to the village located 1.800 mt asl. Amongst the structures there is a BigAirBag to try new tricks, a jump area, a North Shore Area and much more.

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