I’ve been lazy lately, you know, it’s about the wintertime. Here it’s so dark, we still don’t have snow and frankly I got pretty pissed already at finnish girls…
After hiding in my room for a couple of weeks and loosing my sleep over impossible problems I had to find some new direction in my life. Halloween was close so I had only one shot I could really take.
I selected 3 parties, avoiding carefully those pro snowboarders/boardexpo official ones this year just to be on the safe side, and headed toward tons of pictures and success. At first I almost thought I could make a living with it, you know, in Finland especially in summer time plenty of stupid tourists want to take pictures with weird characters, like the black superman for example. They get 20 euros per hour, fuck I get 25 when I teach at the university!!!
Anyhow the brilliant idea was to put some nerdish skills I developed in years of practice to a good use. What came out was this robot costume. You can’t see it well but it had many led light, led eyes, a blinkig heart and a sure appeal on girls. Did I mention the integrated straw to reach the drinks easily?
Here is some pics taken (I couldn’t well take any myself, couldI? not with tweezer hands..)at parties, not really wild, not anything too extreme.
I can tell you two more things abou this: robodance comes out really natural but you can’t dance on shakira (why the hell you’d like to anyway), at the end of the 3rd party you’ll be so bored with people taking pics of you that you’ll trow everything off and start to wear a Jason mask..

P.s. You like the costume? I have it on sale for 30 euros only, basically it’s already in the box…