Rome is in ruins

And it’s burning, still burning.
And the invaders cry and dance upon the collapsed buildings, looking at a brand new civilization to shape with their sounds. And when the night comes, they silently crouch and die together to the rest of the age they destroyed, melancholy and thoughtful. To the new day to come.

They come from Uk, the 4 from Burn Down Rome. They’re young, determined, inspired. They tell us a fragment of their life, simply, honestly, intensely, suffered and wicked, they can’t help it.

In less than an hour you’ll be k.o., lost among flashbacks of Isis and At The Drive In, a thread tighting every song of the album.

Under the label Visible Noise, they published “Devotion”, their first work, anticipated just by the EP Faith In Liars, Faith In Thieves dated 2007.
Don’t be the usual pain in the ass complaining that it’s nothing new, sahll we bet you won’t find any new trend in the whole 2008? You can win a beer, if you’ll do it!
So, why not to join them to burn down the old, stinky way of life, and leave scorched earth where the wind of change can blow?

They have a new album out now, Devotion.