Ruggine 2.5 TD Helsinki Premier

The second stop of the Ruggine 2.5 Turbodiesel premier tour obviously touched Helsinki, the main set where the most of the video has been shooted. If the Roman premier was a success because of the many friends Coldfocus boss Matteo Maggi leaves in Italy every year for his pilgrimage to Finland, the finnish one was a real banger!

pics by Joona Repo.



The Motellet club was literally exploding on october 30 night, with people waiting outside to come in; the video fully satisfied the finnish riders who came not only to enjoy the fine product and his foreign director, but also to judge ’em.



The final judgement reasonably awarded the Italian filmers crew, who received thumbs up not only from the satisfied rider community flocked in the upper class club, but also from pros like Annti Autti and Risto Roukola. They weren’t the only pro eyes came to see the video, though. The VIP buster also found the Iceland wonderboy Halldor Helgason, enjoyn’ the club vide.



The unanimous voice of the people ordained Ruggine 2.5 Turbo diesel “one of the best finnish snowboard movie in a while”. Not a bad goal for an Italian film director, isn’t it? The last thing Matteo told us after sending the premier pictures was “It has been the best night of my life!”..And Behind Mag was there with him to toast!