Ruggine 2.5 TD world premier kicked off in Rome

The world premiere for coldfocus new brainchild Ruggine 2.5 Td kicked off last october 9th in Rome. Brancaleone club has been filled up with friends, pros, local riders and simple curious people come to see the best and the most foreign Italian snowboard video production.



Of course his majesty Matteo Maggi, the main head of the project and original founder of Coldfocus Saga, was in da house along with his analog wizard Luca Merli and photographer Andrea Schillirò, who exhibited also an awesome galleries of pictures taken from several moments along the Ruggine 2.5 TD process.




Six times the video has been shown on the cinema screen to satisfy all the people crowded in the club, including young riders, old riders, Italian chicks, foreign chicks, bboys, headbangers, emo rockers and finally protagonists Juha Blid and the new enrolled Stefano Benchimol.



The premiere, to sum it up, has been a real success… however, if you’re one of them who missed the fabulous world launch, don’t give up! The next stop is the Helsinki one on october 30th at Motellet, then at Skipass Fair on october 31th.

Here a video recap of the soirée.