Ruggine 2.5 Turbodiesel Premiere

Ruggine 2.5 Turbodiesel, the newborn by Coldfocus Productions, will be premiered in the main producer (Matteo Maggi) Native Rome, on October 9th, at Brancaleone Club.We’re talkin’ about the world premiere of the best video product – snowboard related – released so far in Italy from Italian minds, so if you’re a proud Italian and snowboarder, useless to say you gotta be there!

But we behinders, as heavy Coldfocus supporters, must also push you to pay a visit to the 6th anniversary photo exhibition coldfocus organized in the same place, on the same date. The pictures from Andrea Schillirò tell all the stories and the struggles of those glorious six years journey called coldfocus.



Brancaleone Club Via Levanna 11 – Rome – Italy – From 19.00