Rux World Tour

But don’t be fooled; it’s not all work and no play. SrSuntour love what they do and what’s better than sharing the joy of success with colleagues and team mates. The RUX is a common platform for freeriders as well as DH racers and for sure the set-ups and applications are very different. However, one rational behind the RUX World Tour is to show how Freeriders and Downhillers can inspire each other. The Rux’s versality is made for such an aspiration.

The RUX World Tour members are not less than the best in their business: Mick Hannah, Florent Payet, Kurt Sorge, Sam Reynolds, James Doerfling, Benoit Coulanges, Carson Storch, Mitch Chubey, Mark Matthews, Garett Buehler and Vincent Pernin.

The RUX World Tour kicked off at the EVO bike park by ground-breaking the new DH course. Shortly after our RUX World Tour landed in the southern hemisphere with the POLYGON UR Team at Queenstown in New Zealand. Europe and North America are next up. Watch out for the content we create world wide.