Salad Days Magazine issue # 5

Salad Days Magazine #5 is officially out and will soon be in a store near you!
In this issue Converge, Motorhead, Nine Pound Hammer, Dear Landlord, Saturno Buttò, Moz/Officina Infernale, The Secret, Miss Chain & The Broken Heels, Jacopo Toniolo, Adidas x Revelation Records, Straight Edge Column, Conkster, Brescia BMX, and much more… check it out!

You will soon find a complete list of our official distributors on the Salad Days website.

Salad Days is a magazine that would like to be a communication media somewhere between a DIY fanzine and a glossy magazine, it is one of our favorite magazines, no wonder if we contribute to each issue.

The magazine is a limited edition, 3000 copies for each issue. Missed yours? Don’t worry, now the first four issue are available on