SaladDaysMagazine #2 on Issuu

Salad Days is a magazine that would like to be a communication media somewhere between a DIY fanzine and a glossy magazine, it is one of our favorite magazines, no wonder if we contribute to each issue.

Salad Days is a limited edition, 3000 copies for each issue. Missed yours? Don’t worry, now the second issue is available on

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The “Street culture’ is what keeps us motivated, music, art, actionsports, street art or just youth trends outside the imposed mainstream fashion.

Too many ideas and initiatives are daily taken from “underground” where the mainstream media creates a fashion from it, imposing rules on original artists and sportsmen, forcing them to de-individualization.

By creating SALAD DAYS a magazine we want to create a lockring between the purest “street attitude” and the hypotetical patron looking for new creative underground ideas. That’s why it’s foundamental that everybody in this project is or has been a militant part of the underground, assuring our readers a sense of knowledge and affiliation to this world.

The contents will be a 70% occupied by music (we love music) and the rest will be divided in art, Illustrations, action-sports, fashion and street culture, trends and politically-scorrect thoughts, critics and advises…all followed by excellent pictures…