Sam Pilgrim: First European ever on the FMB World Tour podium

The second of two Diamond events of this year’s Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour season is over and gives the World Tour a perfect ending. Even before the Red Bull District Ride it was clear that the one and only official FMB World Tour Champion is called Brandon Semenuk (CAN) and would take home the golden CamelBak Better Bottle.

However, the battle for the top ten spots remained exciting until the end. With his result at the Red Bull District Ride, last year’s FMB World Tour Champion Cameron Zink came a close second. Sam Pilgrim’s victory at the Red Bull District Ride lifted him onto the podium of this year’s World Tour. The overall FMB World Tour ranking is now complete and we have an ultimate list of the world’s best freerideers.

Check out the FMB World Tour show from the Red Bull District Ride:

For some inside-information on the course, have a look at the course walk with Cameron McCaul: