Scott & GREMS

Riding a bike is going to get stylish! SCOTT has teamed up with GREMS, one of today’s most exciting young artists, to take art to the streets.

The versatile French designer, rapper, graffiti stylist and all-around talent puts his gifts to work in a broad range of mediums, and the unpredictable outcome carves out new spaces for creative endeavour. With freehand signs, bold lettering, dynamic graphics and a playful sense of humour, GREMS stamps his unmistakable signature look onto everything he makes.

The French artist’s latest challenge was to take his art to the streets – on a bicycle!


GREMS is the young French street painter, rapper, hip hop artist and designer who made a name for himself helping art escape from exclusive galleries to the streets. A man of many colours and voices, GREMS takes his art to the people, turning brick walls, panel trucks, subways, clothing and anything else he can find into highly visible and accessible public canvases.

With street smarts, guile and an artist’s sensibility for colour, form and materials, he turns public space into an open air gallery and personal identity into a public statement. His artistic signature features colourful clusters of hand-drawn signs and lettering, bold graphics and graffiti.

Instantly recognizable, his cartoon figures slide through the streets with style and grace, heads plugged into a musical universe fused with hip hop sound and fury.