Scrapbook Project

I heard of Scrapbook Project first time in 2007 but I have to admit I was always a fan of HDP films. At least since their first productions in early 2004 with the Solidpowder series…

HDP films is a Finland based film company that revolutioned the industry with their web released free videos and now they moved on to a more mature production: Scrapbook project.

Why should you check that out?

Well if you got interested in snowboarding documentaries such as 91 words for snow, In Short (by blankpaperstudio) or burton’s own First Descent you shouldn’t probably miss this one.

First of all it comes out of Finland which hosts a great deal of psychotics but it’s nonetheless a really nice country. Finnish riders are generally considered amongst the most talented and dedicated in this industry.

Second it shows all the “behind the scenes” and cut tricks of a pro-snowboarder’s life. That’s supposed to mean that you’ll get a true inside look on how a snowboard video is produced and how much sweat it takes to make a video part.