See The Light

Filming surfing drives me absolutely insane. Especially when La Piste is firing.

Unfortunately the week prior I buckled my back.
Hitting the water from a terrifying height, you wouldn’t be surprised that an injury took place.

Fortunately for my friends i was left filming on the dunes.

Everyone hit le Surf hard and Le Surfing harder.
In the AM snoring was the only sound to be heard.
But the days are long. Even with a sleep-in you manage to get two long sessions.

See the light. The blinding light.
Squinting through my eyepiece for silhouettes dancing across the wave face.
I miss being surfed out. Their first sip of beer is better than mine.

While i made this video some were at home, some were in Ibiza.
I came back to Hossegor without a surf in weeks. Injury free. Hunting for barrels.

Staying with hornets from home. I had no one to surf with. No one to shoot.
But clips aren’t everything. I got my fix. One for the memory banks.

Velvet Sea is a website/video blog made by two semi-pro surf buddies, Sam Page and Luke Cheadle. Check out See The Light tells about a session in Le Surfing, a local bar in Estagnots. Great place to wind down after a long days surfing.