Seems True – A ten year journey

“Seems True – A ten year journey” is not only a documentary. It is the story of a decennial itinerary which has led four Italian artists to take on walls and galleries across the world. From today, April 18th 2013, it will be published on Truly Design’s Youtube channel.


Twenty minutes saturated with passion and emotion, in which Truly Design Collective talks about itself in front of Trickle Production’s electronic eye. The documentary’s first preview took place last April 5th in Torino, home to the four artists. The soundtrack, crafted by Toys and Brandumize, harmonizes the emotional narration with alternative rock and electronic music.

“Seems True – A ten year journey”, after a world première and online publication, will be on tour. The upcoming months will feature a caravan of events presenting the documentary with the participation of its main actors.