Sequence Mag out now!

After the Skipass premier, here it is the new sequence issue, as usual on every 15th of the month. This time the pages are mainly dedicated to the making of Gimmie Some video, the Random latest work coming with the present issue of Sequence,  the American dream lived by the DOORS crew during their Park City trip, and finally the only-Italian riders photo annual.


I’m writing this editorial just came home from a stormy weekend in Schalstal: I coundn’t wait more for the snow so I headed to Maso Corto but all what I got was 2 full days of storm, freezing temperatures and snowfalls: the good part is that somewhere is already dumping! The second issue of Sequence has been made right for this purpose, push you to enjoy this incoming winter, hopefully snowpacked and full of powder days.

This seaseon we’re opening with the photo Annual, usually published by the other mags worldwide in the last issue, just because we at Sequence Magazine are not common people. Can you imagine what does it mean to gather up enough pics to do an all-Italian photo annual? It mean tons of quality pictures, it consequently means many photographers collaborating, so this wanna be also a thank you to all the shooters that choose to collaborate with us for this first issue instead of  their usual partner mag.

So I’m letting you enjoy this new isse of the magazine, hoping that in a near future it will become a reference mark for Italian riders.