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All is not lost, yet. Take this kid with his Custom – making its 20th anniversary this season. His name is Ben Ferguson, and he’s 20 years young just like his stick under his feet. And he is one of the riders we are going to hear of more and more in the next ten years.

People say he represents the future of snowboarding, because he is strong both in pipe and in slopestyle, but most of all he is fun to watch. Fun is the word here. The things he does, the tricks he invents, make you want to grab your board and go out and try the same stuff.


Because not only he stomps ultra technical or insane tricks like a double cork five meters above the lip of the pipe. Well, he does that too, still… not only those things.

The future of snowboarding is not lost at all because heterogeneity is hope. We cannot allow ourselves to reduce such a fun thing like snowboarding to a mere gymnastic exercises sequence: riding is a trick in park, a carve on groomers, a powder slash – not only a 20-meter street rail or some dull triple/quad corks. If it became like that, it would miss the philosophy at its core.

Like Mark McMorris said to me during our long but sincere interview: “Every third run there’s someone who’s doing a triple, even kids you’ve never even heard of or seen, and then you see their Instagram and there’s bunch a trampoline videos. All the kids are trying these tricks now are trampoline aerialists. It’s fucked. It sucks.” Just have a look at what Ben Ferguson does.

No, nothing is lost. Yet.

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