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Snowboarding is cool because can be interpreted in several ways.

Amongst them all, mainly two different ones: contests and movies/pictures. There are many riders who are deeply involved into the visual and more artistic part of riding, while there are many others as well who only live the “racing” part of it. Snowboarding is nowadays both a lifestyle and a sport, in the actual modern sense of this word.


Then there is someone who won the Olympics and this season he is filming with a guy like Halldor Helgason, possibly the character in our world who is as close to the Olympic Games like mayonnaise goes on the Sachertorte.

His name is Sage Kotsenburg and I interviewed him at the big air in Boston at the Fenway Park as he told me: “Well, in the end after all those comps which ended up with the gold in Sochi 2014 I wanted to have a break from all that pressure. And so this season I wanted to film with Halldor. Then obviously there’s some kind of pressure connected with filming , maybe even more, because you need to get your best tricks done to come up with a good video part. Then I like the adrenaline of the comps, so took part at this contest but when I was up there on the ramp’s inrun I kinda felt the pressure again of not letting down all the people who came here just for me. Well, I’d say that in the end I love both the sides of snowboarding.”

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