Set in stone, Kurt Sorge

The 10th anniversary of the Red Bull Rampage saw edgy lines and windy conditions. A tricky combination which would guarantee a fascinating event. Precision was the key to success this year.



Having been sidelined with injuries for the past two seasons, Kurt Sorge came into the Rampage pre-qualified as the 2012 Champion.
Pre-qualified usually calms the nerves but it also meant starting from scratch to find and build a line, which in 2015, for many, proved to be as difficult and stressful as the actual riding.




Due to the weather conditions Kurt Sorge and his combatants on the podium only had one run this year to bring all the efforts and the preparation of a whole season to the course. Kurt rode at his best showing the world what precision, style, speed and flow is all about.



Backflip, Tuck No-Hander, Backflip Tuck No-Hander, motocross style hip is the list Kurt was throwing out with an incredibly fast, smooth and secure style. The two burliest parts of his line Kurt did for the very first time in his finals run; astonishing!


Congratulations to Kurt on winning the 2015 Red Bull Rampage and the SRSuntour RUX 2k16 contribution with the already World Cup proven R2C2 cartridge and new PCS technology.


Watch out for it coming to production in 2016 and stay tuned for ‘When the mountain gets big’!