Shaun Palmer signs with Intense

Legendary rider, Shaun Palmer makes his return to mountain biking the same way he made his debut: on an Intense Cycles downhill bike. Palmer and Intense first made history together in 1995 when the rookie rider rode the flagship Intense M1 to a series of surprise victories, launching both Palmer and Intense into the forefront of the sport.


Nearly fifteen years later, both Palmer and Intense remain household names in mountain biking. And with Palmer’s return to downhilling, Intense Cycles President, designer and founder, Jeff Steber looks forward to collaborating with the rider who helped refine the M1 and redefine the sport.

Palmer could have had any bike but he says he chose Intense because of his relationship with the brand and Steber’s ability to build anything Palmer wants in a bike, anytime. “Plus, I’m 40 now and I want to be involved with a brand that will allow me to use my design abilities now and in the long run.” Palmer says.

If you think that sounds like a hint that there will be future collaborations between Palmer and Intense in the years to come, you might be right. But for now, as Palmer simply puts it “let’s just haul ass this season w/o me smashing my nuts. See ya’ll at the races!”