Sho-Wroom #12

Hi everybody!
This issue of Sho-Wroom is dedicated to the thread that tie skateboarding and street culture. To exalt the concept, we decided to shoot the pieces between some decks; not a good idea you say? We thought it was cool, though!

There’s some eternal stussy limited tee’s, some fine pieces from the new collection from VNGRD, a Mhi camo jacket, some sneakers from alife and nike; finally we dedicated some film to a nice photo book, skate related…of course. If you notice, we shot always between the same two know why? try to read the name on ’em: Vallely and Muska. If those name aren’t evocatory for you, this means you hadn’t spent enough time on a four wheeled deck in your life.

In this issue we’ve chosen:

Stussy Rip Zinger series t-shirt
Stussy Rip Zinger series t-shirt
MHI burn out t-shirt
MHI artist series t-shirt
Vanguard parquet crew neck
Vanguard logo crew neck
Vanguard octopus hoodie
Nike sb dunk low premium wp (limited edition gore-tex)
Alife shoes every body high
Stussy x Tomonori Tanaka – Rip Zinger – west americanized tour – book
MHI winter sweat parka hoody