Sho-Wroom #15

Hi Fellas!
Everybody knows eyes are the mirror of the soul. Nobody want to show his soul so easily, so they wear glasses. Snow goggles provides both the soul protection thing, and the real optical problem.
But the most forget another important issue…the style factor! Glasses are important like your sneakers, tee shirts, pants and so on…So don’t be stingy when you’re into buyn’ a new pair of shades. We picked some of the best drafts from the chief of the sporty eyes protectors, Oakley. Paul’s boutique dudes helped us, of course….

Oakley montefrio
Oakley jupiter LX
Oakley twitch
Oakley M-ferame Livestrong
Oakley M-frame
Oakley goggle DCP pro model
Oakley goggle JP Auclair pro model
Oakley montefrio Shawn White
Oakley jupiter LX